As telehealth grows in popularity and is used by more and more people, it’s crucial to understand how it can impact you and your sexual health. Whether you need BV medication or over-the-counter treatments, telehealth can be one of the best ways to go about it. It is transforming how you “go to the doctor” and get treatment. Here’s why telehealth will soon be your go-to for sexual health treatments.

What Is Telehealth?

The vital question to answer before you see why it’s so amazing is: what exactly is telehealth?

Put simply, telehealth is any type of healthcare that uses long-distance communication techniques to put patients in contact with healthcare professionals. It could be a video call with your doctor, ordering over-the-counter herpes medication online, or forwarding health tracking data to your doctor. Telehealth continues to grow, and more and more people choose it when they need treatment.

For your sexual health, telehealth can be a great option. These three reasons are some of the biggest draws.

Affordable Healthcare Is Always Important 

A big concern for many people who need to see a doctor is cost. Whether it’s a visit to a general physician, a specialist, or even the emergency room, these trips can get expensive, especially without insurance. It can push people away from seeing a doctor to get treatment for yeast infection or other symptoms.

Telehealth, on the other hand, is proving to be quite affordable. Many providers don’t even accept insurance. Instead, they work to make everything from a doctor’s visit to prescriptions more affordable for every patient. Not to mention the gas money you save by not driving to the doctor’s office.

Talk to a Doctor Fast and Get Your Medicine Faster

When you are experiencing symptoms or need questions answered about your sexual health, time is crucial. You need quick treatment and even quicker answers. The traditional path might take a while. Doctors can have full schedules. You might struggle to take a day off work. Pharmacies might be closed by the time this is all over.

With the right telehealth provider, you don’t have to worry about any of this. The best ones have such a quick turnaround time, you can access your medicine in hours instead of days. Then, you can get back to feeling on top of your game. It’s the type of care that you deserve.

Defeat Stigmas with the Help of Inclusive Healthcare

Unfortunately, sexual health and related conditions can feel stigmatizing. It can be easy to delay seeking treatment because you don’t feel heard or worry about what someone will think.

The truth is these conditions are commonplace. And the more awareness grows, the more accepted they will become. The best telehealth companies are working to raise awareness and give inclusive care to everyone who needs it. They want everyone to feel comfortable, including you. That way, nothing will hold you back when you need to discuss your symptoms or find treatment.

About Wisp

Wisp is the leader in online sexual healthcare for a reason. They make getting treatments and care for birth control, STIs, and common reproductive infections quick and hassle-free. Wisp understands that sometimes, all of this can be confusing, but they’re on a mission to help everyone feel comfortable and confident about their sexual health. Whether through appointments with their licensed healthcare professionals or over-the-counter remedies, Wisp wants you to be as healthy as possible without jumping through any hoops. With their help, you can be your sexually active self without any worry. No insurance? No problem. Wisp is dedicated to delivering affordable healthcare, like yeast infection, STI, and BV treatment over the counter, to anyone and everyone. So, if you suspect bacterial vaginosis or need herpes medication quickly, Wisp is ready to help you get back on track. 

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